Swedish Krona


The year is 1890. Vincent van Gogh shoots himself in the chest. Oscar Wilde publishes “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. Man Ray is born in Philadelphia. And the modern woman? She wears Paris chic and a corset, still. The German man of the times looks to the Englishman as his role model. Away with the cumbersome necktie! Bring on the new hat. The bowler and top hats now dominate men’s fashion, at least in the city. And what’s going on in Allgäu? Brothers Markus and Gottfried Seebeerger found what will become the world renowned hat manufacture.
Initially, only elaborately hand-crafted fedora hats made from straw are produced. Unfortunately, only for men in the beginning, with the ladies left waiting a whole 45 years empty handed. More than 125 years later, Seeberger is still a hat manufacture and in family hands in its fourth generation. The focus today is on the women’s collection. The company is successful in over 40 countries as true craftsmanship, tradition, and excellent design just never go out of fashion. Elegant style is simply timeless. Just as a beautiful hat or any other accessory made by Seeberger.

Cashmere headsock

100% cashmere lend this beanie from Seeberger light, warming and particulary pleasant wearing properties. Due to the simple ribbed knit pattern, the beanie is suitable for both men and women and can be perfectly combined with any outfit.
840,00 kr

Fashionable beanie

Thanks for the elastic finish and it´s gerous length, the single colured headsock from Seeberger traces the contours of any head as fashionable oversized hat. 100% cashmere and the finest wormanship make this knitted hat a top product with a particularly high wearing comfort. With its simple design the hat is suitable for women and men.
625,00 kr